Made-in-B.C. cartoon going from online to broadcast television

Click to play video: 'Yeti Farm cartoon to air on broadcast television'
Yeti Farm cartoon to air on broadcast television
One of the industries that has managed to insulate itself from the negative financial effects of COVID-19 is the high-tech sector. And while some might argue that animation isn't exactly part of the 'tech sector', Kelowna's Yeti Farm animation studio continues to enjoy numerous successes despite the pandemic. – Feb 2, 2021

Employees at Yeti Farm are celebrating their latest animated achievement.

Kelowna’s homegrown animation studio is enjoying some incredibly sweet success with their new production called Sweet Tweets.

“It’s an animated cartoon where we originally did a whole bunch of little one-minute nursery rhymes that were launched on YouTube,” Yeti Farm creative director Todd Ramsay told Global News, “and we had a lot of success there.”

Now, Yeti Farm animators are prepping the preschool series, frame by frame, to go from digital shorts on the internet to three-and-a-half-minute stories on broadcast TV.

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“The really neat thing is we have the Knowledge Network on board, so it’s a true born-and-bred in B.C. story,” said Yeti Farm CEO Ashley Ramsay.

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Twenty-six episodes of the Sweet Tweets cartoon have been greenlit and are expected to start airing on the Knowledge Network early next year.

“This really exciting for us because we’re taking the show from script to final,” Todd said.

That all-important, hands-on creative control is what Yeti Farm has dreamed of in terms of artistic content creation since the company was created in 2007.

“All along, this is what we wanted. It’s probably taken us a little bit longer to get here,” Todd said.

Still, the success of Sweet Tweets bodes extremely well for the future of Yeti Farm, as the need for more animated content on all platforms continues to be driven by the pandemic.

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“The demand for it is skyrocketing as more families are home, quarantining, they continue to look for new content,” Ashley said.

And the animators at Yeti Farm say they are more than happy to draw something up for them.

Click to play video: 'Wash your hands animation jam'
Wash your hands animation jam

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