Automated waste collection bins distributed in Laval

File photo of a garbage collector picking up bags in the city.
File photo of a garbage collector picking up bags in the city. Global News

Laval is distributing more than 130,000 black bins on wheels to complete its automated waste collection system.

The automated bins are in addition to the blue and brown bins, which are used for the collection of recyclable materials and compostable waste.

As of April, the black bins should only be used to throw away non-recyclable waste materials.

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The new automated bins can be emptied using a mechanical arm. Garbage collectors will no longer be directly exposed to the contents of the trash cans and will no longer have to lift heavy loads repeatedly, resulting in faster safer waste collection, according to the city.

The new bins will also ensure cleaner streets since the waste is protected from bad weather, insects, and scavenging animals.

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Black bins will initially be distributed to buildings with seven units or less. Single-family homes will receive one bin, duplexes and triplexes will receive two, and four to seven units will receive between two to three new bins. Buildings with eight units and more will receive bins over the next few years.

As of April 1, the automated black bin will be the only container that can be used for waste collection in Laval and compulsory for the city’s approximately 445,000 residents.

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