Lethbridge family finds trampoline on the roof during gusting winds Wednesday

Click to play video: 'Lethbridge family finds trampoline on the roof during gusting winds Wednesday' Lethbridge family finds trampoline on the roof during gusting winds Wednesday
WATCH: Lethbridge family finds trampoline on the roof during gusting winds Wednesday – Jan 14, 2021

The Sonnenberg family of Lethbridge had a surprise Wednesday when they found their beloved trampoline had been tossed onto the roof of their westside home.

“I had to run out and find Dave because he was out front,“ Tammy Sonnenberg said. “The trampoline [was] on the roof between our house and the neighbour’s house!”
Tammy Sonnenberg’s humorous post advertised their family’s trampoline which had blown up onto the roof as abstract art. Courtesy: Tammy Sonnenberg

Tammy Sonnenberg later made a humorous post on Facebook about the incident, joking the giant trampoline was up for sale as abstract art.

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“We were like ‘What are you going to do?’ We might as well find some humour,’” Tammy said.

Eventually, they coaxed it down with the help of their neighbours.

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Across town, Amber Siemens also had a shock when she arrived home early from work due to the widespread power outages.

“One of the two big spruce trees had fallen and it fell basically onto our yard, the sidewalk and the road,” Siemens explained.

She says she was relieved it didn’t hit anything important.

“Immediately we were thinking ‘What if it falls on the house?’ then you’re thinking house insurance and all of those types of things,” she said. “Seeing what’s going on in Taber and everything else, I am thankful it wasn’t worse.”

She says city workers arrived very quickly for cleanup.

“They removed it, they cleaned it up so well,” Siemens said. “They left some wood there for us in case we wanted to use it for fire later on. It was a really good job done by the city.”

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City officials say crews worked like a well-oiled machine after Wednesday’s power outage hit more than 25 per cent of the city.

“The grid is designed for a power outage, but there were two trips two minutes apart supplying the same station,” manager of compliance and control Tracy Brason explained Thursday. “So that’s our only two connections to that station. So normally there would be a backup, but in this situation, we were not in very good shape.”

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Brason said after only a year in his current role, he was surprised by the outpouring of thanks from the community.

“We’re successful when nobody knows we exist,” he said. “But our senior management got dozens of feedback calls from not only internally but external customers as well.”

And Brason said their success is due the regular maintenance of their systems.

“I think that really adds value to our staff is that they actually know the people that are putting the power on,” he said.

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The Sonnenberg family says they haven’t received any offers on their abstract “trampoline art” just yet, but they’ve enjoyed reading the comments on their post.

“Nothing yet, but we’re still holding out, you know,” David Sonnenberg laughed.

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