‘An inspiration’: Friends and family celebrate Alberta senior, 100, who is still a Mary Kay consultant

Click to play video: '‘One heck of an inspiration’: Friends and family celebrate 100-year-old senior' ‘One heck of an inspiration’: Friends and family celebrate 100-year-old senior
WATCH ABOVE: A significant celebration for a Calgary woman today. Fay Kuzmar turned 100 years old. Jill Croteau reports – Dec 15, 2020

Calgarian Fay Kuzmar turned 100 years old on Tuesday.

“I can’t think I can be that old,” Kuzmar said.

It’s about as unbelievable to her as it is to anybody that meets her. Even her doctor demanded to see a birth certificate. She’s aged incredibly well.

“I have hobbies and I have a purpose,” Kuzmar said. “My mom taught me to embroider when I was four and my grandmother taught me to crochet when I was eight, and I loved doing handwork like that. It’s fulfilling.”

Fay Kuzmar at 10 years old. Courtesy: Joy de Nance

Staff at the Valley Ridge retirement village she calls home arranged an outdoor visit around a firepit for Kuzmar and loved ones.

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Her daughter Joy de Nance was there.

“I am so glad I have a mom that’s 100, because not everyone gets that,” de Nance said.

“She can crossword faster than I can, she plays Wii bowling, she paints, she’s so very active — and that’s the key to being a healthy senior.”

Fay Kuzmar at her exercise class. Courtesy: Joy de Nance

“My sister and I were talking this morning — she lives in B.C. so couldn’t be here — but we both want to be mom when we grow up,” de Nance said. “Every year she keeps ticking, she’s an Energizer bunny.”

Kuzmar said she’s lived a wonderful life over this past century, raising three kids and making a career out of selling Mary Kay makeup.

“I was the fourth consultant in Calgary and scared to death,” Kuzmar said.

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Fay Kuzmar meeting Mary Kay. Courtesy: Joy de Nance
“I don’t feel I was a good salesperson,” she said. “I showed [customers] the product, and if they wanted it, they bought it. When it came to closing a sale that was the hardest thing to do.”

But she managed to earn a pink Buick.

Fay Kuzmar and her pink Buick Regal. Courtesy: Joy de Nance

“I still have a couple customers,” Kuzmar said. “When I first began and they were newly married then, and now they’re grandmas but they still come every once in a while and restock.”

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Fay Kuzmar, all dolled up. Courtesy: Joy de Nance

She says another thing she believes helped her get to 100 is her love of dressing up and taking care of herself.

“First thing in the morning, even now in the lockdown, by the time they bring my breakfast I am dressed and have my makeup on and my jewelry.”

Friend Elaine Coderre met Kuzmar through Mary Kay and has known her for 42 years.

Fay with Elaine.
Fay with Elaine. Courtesy: Elaine Coderre

“For her to get up every morning and get cute when really she doesn’t need to, just one heck of an inspiration,” Coderre said.

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“She’s amazing, she’s phenomenal and she’s got a heart as big as Texas, that’s what Fay has.”

Kuzmar received official letters wishing her a happy birthday from Calgary’s mayor, the premier, the prime minister and the Queen.

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