Carrie Underwood interview: Country superstar talks first-ever Xmas album, special

Carrie Underwood has a special gift for everyone this holiday season.

The country music superstar dropped her first-ever Christmas album My Gift in October, and now has her very own HBO Max special to accompany the project. (The special can be watched on Crave in Canada.)

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My Gift: A Christmas Special from Carrie Underwood sees the seven-time Grammy winner performing original and beloved classics off the 11-track project, including her duet with John Legend on his new ballad Hallelujah.

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The special also gives viewers an adorable behind-the-scenes look of Underwood recording Little Drummer Boy with her five-year-old son Isaiah, who loves to sing — a detail the singer revealed to ET Canada‘s Cheryl Hickey.

“He did such a great job,” gushes the mother of two. “He sang from his heart, and I think that’s the coolest thing. He doesn’t really know my job, he doesn’t know that there’s lots of people out there that listen or come to the shows. I mean, he’s seen me in concert but I don’t think it quite registers.

“He loves singing, so I feel like you can really hear that in the song.”

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On whether Underwood thinks Isaiah will follow in her footsteps, she says, “He loves music, he has a lyrical mind, like he remembers lyrics really well and he’s always making up his own songs. We’ll see where that takes him in life.”

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Like many celebrities, Underwood wants a healthy balance between keeping her children private and sharing memorable moments with them on television and social media, which she admits is a constant conversation with her husband Mike Fisher on “what’s worth it” and what isn’t.

“I don’t want to plaster my children all over everything I do ’cause they’re gonna live their own lives and they’re gonna have their own things,” she explains. “I would never want anything I do or post or whatever to come back to haunt them or embarrass them when they’re older.”

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At the same time, Underwood admits: “There’s certain things it’s like, ‘Ughh, I need them to be part of that.'”

(At this time, HBO Max is not available in Canada. You can watch the My Gift special on Crave.)

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