Loraas Recycling staff urge people to put gloves and masks in the garbage

Workers at Loraas Recycling locations in Saskatoon have been removing up to 8,100 single-use gloves and masks in the recycling line daily and putting them in the trash. Alexa Mofazzali/ Loraas Recycling

Lineworkers at Loraas Recycling in Saskatoon have been facing a re-occurring problem since March — finding thousands of single-use masks and gloves in the recycling.

“We are seeing 8,100 masks and gloves every single day mixed in with the recycling stream,” said Alexa Mofazzali, digital media specialist with Loraas Recycling Saskatoon.

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She says that’s 8,100 times recycling line sorters have to remove the items by hand and put them in the trash where they belong.

To experience the situation first hand, Mofazzali joined the line for two days.

“I can tell you it’s disheartening to see so many. I would say every single minute I was pulling a mask or glove to put in the garbage.”

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Mofazzali says workers and staff are reminding people to help make their lives easier during times where they are already sorting through needles, batteries, and items potentially contaminated with COVID-19 to throw masks and gloves away.

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Workers are already taking extra safety precautions with proper PPE wearing, disinfecting and hand washing before and after sorting. Not having to deal with the extra work would really help out.

“We are really asking people to take it seriously,” Mofazzli said. “Throw gloves and masks in the garbage.”

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