Blood Tribe Department of Health confirms 3 cases of COVID-19 at Kainai Continuing Care Centre

The Blood Tribe Department of Health says despite hiccups it's been happy with the community response to COVID-19. Global News

The Blood Tribe Department of Health has confirmed that it is implementing extra measures after confirming three positive cases of COVID-19 at the Kainai Continuing Care Centre.

The first case was identified earlier this week while the second was confirmed in a statement Thursday morning. A third case was confirmed to Global News by department of health CEO Derrick Fox on Thursday afternoon.

“Today we got further test results back, so we have three cases total,” said Fox, adding that he can confirm one of the three cases is an elder, while the other two are not being identified.

In response, a statement on behalf of the Blood Tribe chief and council said the department of health has worked quickly to enhance safety measures, including:

  • closing the Kainai Continuing Care Centre to visitors until further notice;
  • immediate testing of all residents and staff;
  • the continuation of care by way of reducing numbers within cohorts.

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“I have to say, I’m very proud of our staff and the whole community,” Fox said. “We are very emotional because we care so much for our grandparents, our elders. But I have to say that it’s the courage that is really prevailing right now.

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Fox said the Blood Tribe Department of Health is doing everything it can to protect all of its members, both from COVID-19 and mental health issues.

“Our wellness department is reaching out to our residents, as well as the staff, as far as any mental health supports that might be supportive to individuals,” he said. “Our elders come from a time where strong traditions were a part of our Blackfoot way of life, so looking at songs and prayers, as far as sharing with them.”

Fox said it’s important to show the community’s elders that they’re not alone, even though family can’t visit for the time being.

“We do encourage family to visit through the windows as well, and our wellness team will be doing those kind of things as well,” he said.

Fox added that the department of health is also trying to use technology to its advantage to connect people.

Watch below: Some Global News videos about the Blood Tribe.


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