Slocan Valley angler shows dead fish, fuel contaminated water in video

A Slocan Valley angler has posted a YouTube video showing the devastating environmental effects of Friday’s fuel spill into Lemon Creek.

In Sarosha Stockton’s five minute video, he travels downstream to the Slocan River where there is evidence of water contamination and several dead fish.

Sarosha, a lifelong Slocan Valley resident, said he wanted to expose the environmental damage of the tanker crash that sent 35,000 litres of fuel spewing into the creek and forced thousands from their homes.

Residents were allowed back into their homes Saturday night, but were still not allowed to drink or use tap water Sunday.

Sarosha is also warning people not to visit the river out of concerns for health and safety.

“We’ve got a rainbow of fuel in the water and to my right we’ve got juvenile dead fish,” he said.

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“The water is so contaminated and it’s very hard to breathe,”

Although hazardous material crews and other agencies worked to contain the jet fuel over the weekend, Sarosha said the damage has already been done to the fish, wildlife and environment, and the effects will be lasting.

“It’s a tragedy and I just want to document it for everybody,” he said.

“What used to be a fantastic fishing pool… now I fear that all the fish might end up like this. More dead fish, more dead fish… it’s a terrible day for the Slocan River and all its residents and my heart goes out to them.”

Officials said most of the fuel will evaporate eventually, but people are still being warned not to swim downstream of the crash site.

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The province said Calgary-based Executive Flight Centre, the operator of the tanker, will be responsible for the cost of the clean up.

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