Montreal public health warns of dangerous blue pill following death in city

The blue pill is likely advertised as Percocet on the black market, according to authorities. Montreal public health

Montreal public health has issued a warning following the death of a person who ingested a pill that contained isotonitazene, which authorities say is deadlier than fentanyl.

The pills appear to look like oxycodone, which is only available by prescription. The little blue pill contains the characters “A” and “215” on it.

“These pills could be sold on the black market as Percocet tablets,” the department said in a statement issued Thursday.

An analysis showed the drug was laced with isotonitazene, which the victim likely unknowingly ingested, according to public health.

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Authorities say isotonitazene is dangerous and it cannot be detected by fentanyl detection strips.

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Montrealers are asked to exercise caution. They are advised not to use drugs alone and reduce their dose.

Public health also advised having naloxone on hand, which is used to treat a narcotic overdose. The life-saving antidote can reverse the effects of an overdose.

Anyone who witnesses an overdose is asked to call 911.

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