City of Regina testing glockenspiel bells

The glockenspiel has returned to the northeast corner of City Square Plaza in Regina after it was removed about 10 years ago. Derek Putz / Global News

After a decade of silence, the glockenspiel is expected to ring out downtown this week.

The City of Regina, which has nearly finished the restoration of Victoria Park’s German set of bells, said it will be testing them Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

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The glockenspiel, a symbol for the German community in Regina, was removed in 2010 during the creation of City Square.

The city allocated $350,000 to its restoration in the 2018 budget.

With most of that work now completed, it was reinstalled in the northeast corner of the plaza in June.

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The instrument’s pedestal was rebuilt and a master control system, with the modern technology to program it, was added.

The city’s website says that the technology allows for both “musical selections from a standard catalogue and unique arrangements” and notes that local music historians and others are working together to choose the tunes the German bells will play.

There will be an official unveiling once the entirety of the restoration is complete, the city’s website says.

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