Jury hears about Matthew Raymond’s YouTube activity

Click to play video: 'Matthew Raymond’s YouTube channel shows conspiracy theories' Matthew Raymond’s YouTube channel shows conspiracy theories
The online activity of Matthew Raymond came back under scrutiny as his first degree murder trial continued on Monday. The jury was shown several videos posted to Raymond’s YouTube channel, showing his interest in conspiracy theories. Silas Brown has more – Oct 19, 2020

The YouTube account of Matthew Raymond featured a sprinkling of various conspiracy theories, but the theme of demons was constant.

Monday’s murder trial was spent examining Raymond’s computer activity in the year leading up to when he shot and killed four people outside of his Fredericton apartment in August of 2018.

Raymond has admitted to the killings but has plead not guilty by reason of a mental disorder.

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The jury heard on Monday that much of the content uploaded to Raymond’s channel drew links between various conspiracies to demonic influence in all aspects of society.

The YouTube channel created by Raymond, the name of which is under a publication ban, first started posting videos in March of 2017. There were 26 videos uploaded to the channel in total, the last of which was posted in January of 2018.

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Defence witness Alex Pate continued his testimony on Monday and described a shift in focus of Raymond’s videos from immigration and islamophobia towards a heavy interest in a conspiracy theory that says most celebrities are transgender.

Several videos played for the court were composed of still images of various celebrities with arrows pointing to different body parts. Other videos were reposts of other user’s content, including one that claimed that many female alt-right media personalities are male. Some videos even went as far as saying that there are no women in media whatsoever.

Click to play video: 'Psychiatrist takes the stand in Matthew Raymond trial' Psychiatrist takes the stand in Matthew Raymond trial
Psychiatrist takes the stand in Matthew Raymond trial – Oct 16, 2020

Comments posted by Raymond’s account often try to link the transgender conspiracy theory to the influence of demons. Other comments also warned of the coming-end times and urged people to stay away from churches that he said were also under the influence of demons.

Pate is due to continue his testimony on Tuesday.


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