Toronto to launch food truck pilot project

Watch: The city of Toronto is launching a food truck pilot project to expand the places you can buy food. Minna Rhee reports. 

TORONTO – The days of just buying hot dogs and French fries on Toronto streets may be over, at least temporarily.

Starting August 1, food trucks will begin operating in five parks around the city, offering citizens a more diversified array of street eats.

Toronto city councillors Mary-Margaret McMahon and Josh Colle are spearheading this pilot project which they say is sorely needed.

“It is exciting that the City is taking these long overdue steps to support small businesses and entrepreneurs and to give residents the diverse food options that they clearly want,” said councillor Colle in a media release.

Right now, food trucks are only allowed to operate in private parking lots and at events, often facing large rental or participant fees.

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Even those who have a City of Toronto permit are prohibited from selling food on city property.

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Both councillors have been pushing Municipal Licensing and Standards to cut the red tape they say has been holding back this sector of the food industry.

“Animating our public spaces and bringing diversity to our culinary options will only add to the vibrancy of our terrific city,” said councillor McMahon in a media release.

The pilot project, which will roll out for the rest of the summer and part of the fall, will include the following park locations: Woodbine Park, Sherbourne Commons, Roundhouse Park, Canoe Landing, and Allen Gardens.

Both Colle and McMahon hope the pilot project will someday evolve into a permanent program.