Scott Thompson: Why wouldn’t you hire the best teacher for the job?

Click to play video 'Ontario revokes controversial regulation to allow for hiring new teachers based on merit over seniority' Ontario revokes controversial regulation to allow for hiring new teachers based on merit over seniority
WATCH: (Oct. 15) Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce announced on Thursday that Regulation 274 —which gives teachers with more seniority priority in the hiring process over newer teachers — is being eliminated. The move is meant to allow for hiring teachers based on merit and diversity instead, within the hiring process.

Hiring a person based on their merit over how much seniority they have seems like common sense to most working Canadians.

Why would you hire or promote an employee simply because of their time on the job as opposed to how well they do that job?

Of course, when qualifications are equal, I can see a senior person getting the job.

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But that has not been the case with Ontario school teachers for years under a deal with teachers’ unions and past Liberal governments.

This is one reason there are so many great young teachers unemployed and waiting in line for a job that will go to someone else simply because they are already a member of the union.

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Finally, Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce has put an end to this practice by revoking Regulation 274, which only serves the teacher unions instead of providing the most qualified teacher for the kids in the classroom.

Click to play video 'Ontario teachers’ union file labour board complaint' Ontario teachers’ union file labour board complaint
Ontario teachers’ union file labour board complaint

For decades, the teacher unions have been insisting “it’s all about the kids” when putting the boots to the provincial government of the day every few years during contract negotiations.

Clearly, Regulation 274 has proven, once again, that is simply not the case.

The teacher unions look after their members. That is their mandate — not your kids.

Scott Thompson is the host of The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML Hamilton.​​​​

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