Coronavirus: 28% of Edmonton students enrolled in online school

Click to play video: 'Positive start to school year in spite of outbreaks: Dr. Hinshaw' Positive start to school year in spite of outbreaks: Dr. Hinshaw
WATCH (Sept. 21): Nearly 800 additional Edmonton students had to start self-isolation over the weekend due to potential COVID19 exposures. But Dr. Deena Hinshaw says overall, the numbers are positive as only a small percentage of Alberta schools have been exposed to the coronavirus. Sarah Ryan reports. – Sep 21, 2020

More than a quarter of Edmonton students — in both public and Catholic divisions — are taking classes virtually at home rather than in-person in schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Edmonton Public Schools reports having 28 per cent of its students registered for online instruction (29,163 kids), meaning 72 per cent (74,938 kids) are going to school for in-person classes.

Edmonton Catholics Schools also reports 28 per cent of its students taking online learning (11,644 kids) and 72 per cent learning in-person (30,315 kids).

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Both divisions noted that numbers can change throughout the month of September. Edmonton Public’s numbers are as of Sept. 10. Edmonton Catholic’s are as of Sept. 8.

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Edmonton Public Schools

With highest in-person attendance: 

Belgravia (kindergarten to Grade 6) School — 98.4%

Vimy Ridge Academy (Grades 7-12) — 97.6%

Old Scona Academic (Grades 10-12) School — 92%

With lowest in-person attendance:

Svend Hansen (kindergarten to Grade 9) School — 39.4%

Jackson Heights (kindergarten to Grade 6) School — 41.4%

Bissett (kindergarten to Grade 6) School — 47.7%

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High school and junior highs seem to have the highest rates of in-person attendance, with an average of 76.8 per cent and 76.9 per cent respectively.

Elementary schools in the public system average 74 per cent in-person attendance.

Click to play video: 'Online Edmonton Catholic students still have to go to school for exams' Online Edmonton Catholic students still have to go to school for exams
Online Edmonton Catholic students still have to go to school for exams – Sep 16, 2020

Edmonton Catholic Schools

With highest in-person attendance: 

St. Gabriel Centre for Diverse Learning (Grades 2 to 12) — 89%

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St. Martin Elementary School (kindergarten to Grade 6) — 87%

Austin O’Brien High School (Grades 10 to 12) — 85%

With lowest in-person attendance:

Holy Family School (kindergarten to Grade 9) — 47%

St. Kateri Catholic School (kindergarten to Grade 6) — 45%

H.E. Beriault Catholic Junior High School (Grades 7 to 9) — 44%

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Before school began, the Calgary Board of Education said more than 21,000 students had enrolled in online learning for the fall semester, accounting for about 16 per cent of its total students.

The Calgary Catholic School District said more than 5,000 students enrolled in its online learning option.

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