Mount Royal residents balk at plan to move students into green space

CALGARY- A battle is brewing between two inner city communities—and hundreds of children are being caught in the middle.

Elbow Park school was badly damaged during the June flood, and the cleanup is expected to take up to two years. So, temporary portables are being set up at Earl Grey School in the nearby community of Mount Royal—but residents aren’t happy.

“It’s crazy around here anyways at 3:15 picking up the kids from Earl Grey, but that’s fine, it’s a school in our neighbourhood and we support it and we understand it has to happen,” explains spokesperson Rod Love. “But to double the activity at the same time you are destroying the park and nobody said a word to our community association…[there was] no consultation, nobody knew.”
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The Calgary Board of Education looked at moving the 220 affected Elbow Park students to Eugene Coste School in Haysboro, much decided it would take too much time and money to prepare the site for 12 modulars. They’re now reaching out to affected residents, but say their decision is final.

“We want to find a way to make this decision work best for everybody, so we are welcoming that feedback and hoping that people can get in touch with us,” says Megan Geyer, spokesperson for the CBE. “They can e-mail us, there’s a feedback form on our website or they can call us directly and if there is anything we have overlooked we absolutely want to hear it.”

Mount Royal residents plan to hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday night.