Alberta drivers recognized for essential service during National Trucking Week

Truck Drivers near Coutts, Alta receive a gift bag for Driver Appreciation Day . Global News

Care packages filled with all the necessities an essential worker would need were gifted to Alberta truck drivers Tuesday.

“It’s a little show of appreciation… [a] thanks for what you do,” said Doug Paisley, past chair of the Alberta Motor Transport Association.

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The association and its partners are making sure truck drivers know the work they are doing during the coronavirus pandemic isn’t going unnoticed.

“They are the lifeblood of everything that we do and I don’t think they get the credit all the time.

“It’s been interesting through the pandemic, you know, that they are getting some recognition for the essential service they provide,” added Paisley.

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Tyler Rice is a driver and said this small gesture means a lot to those making sure products moves across the country, especially given new regulations, restrictions and the challenges the pandemic has posed.

“A lot of times it’s long days… It is nice to get this level of appreciation and feel that it matters.”

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During National Trucking Week, driver appreciation days are being hosted across Alberta. Typically, a BBQ and meet and greet is held, but restrictions meant a change of events.

The AMTA wants drivers to know the work they do is noticed and wants consumers to realize the crucial role truck drivers play in their day-to-day lives.

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“Without them, we are out of fuel in a week, we are out of groceries in a week.

“Everything we consume, everything we shelter ourselves with, everything we wear comes in a truck,” Paisley said.

Paisley said he thinks consumers are getting the message.

“I think [truck drivers] are finally getting a little more credit and probably some credit that’s long overdue. We are proud of them and we are proud to be in the industry and they do a fantastic job.”

This week appreciation events are being held at six inspection stations located across the province.

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