B.C. election 2020: Vancouver-Kingsway results

Adrian Dix of the BC NDP is projected to win in the riding of Vancouver-Kingsway.

This riding is a story of redemption.

A former political staffer who became a politician and rose through the ranks of the BC New Democratic Party to reach the top as leader. But when it was his time in the spotlight, he sputtered and lost a race that he was highly favoured to win.

Cue the comeback: a seat at the cabinet table as health minister, guiding the province through a global pandemic.

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How do you vote in the upcoming B.C. provincial election? – Sep 28, 2020

That is the Adrian Dix story.

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Dix has served as MLA since 2005. His margin of victory has grown with each turn at the polls, winning by more than 6,500 votes in 2017.

Nominated Candidates

  • BC NDP: Adrian Dix
  • BC Greens: Scott Bernstein
  • BC Liberals: Cole Anderson
  • Libertarian: Karin Litzcke
  • Communist Party of BC: Kimball Cariou

Swing Riding Meter

Vancouver-Kingsway is a solid NDP riding. The party has won it every time since it was created in 1991, except for in 2001, when the NDP lost in a landslide to the BC Liberals.

It was the 77th closest race overall in 2017, based on winning percentage. Dix won by 33.54 per cent.

Elections Results 2017

  • BC NDP: Adrian Dix, 12,031 votes (60.63%)
  • BC Liberals: Trang Nguyen, 5,377 votes (27.09%)
  • BC Greens: Ellisa Calder, 1,848 votes (9.31%)
  • Conservative Party of BC: Charles Bae, 504 votes (2.54%)
  • Your Political Party: Brette Mullins, 85 votes (0.43%)

This profile will continually be updated to reflect latest information, interviews and events in the campaign.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots were requested across B.C. this election. As mail-in ballots cannot be counted until after election night, these results are not final.