Don’t stay in pyjamas all day — fashion tips for fall

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Don’t stay in PJs all day — fashion tips for back to school
Fashion expert Natalie Sexton shares fashion tips for post-secondary students to stay comfortable and stylish instead of learning in PJs all day – Sep 8, 2020

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, many people have been working from home, feeling unmotivated to formally dress up for work.

Instead, they’ve taken advantage of this period to work in the comfort of their living room and wear sweat pants, leggings and baggy shirts.

For post-secondary students heading back to school virtually this year, this doesn’t mean you can’t go back in style and comfort.

The Morning Show’s fashion expert Natalie Sexton recently shared fashion tips for college and university students that don’t include wearing pyjamas all day.

Sexton advises students not to overspend on clothes and recommends using some of the everyday wear we have in our closets, like T-shirts, leggings and jeans.

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“It’s not like we need to buy a brand new wardrobe,” Sexton said.

Earlier this year, stylist Lisa Kisber also told Global News it’s best not to spend a lot on trendy clothes when you’re trying to refresh your wardrobe.

“If you’re looking to buy trends, don’t spend a lot of money,” she said. Save your money for clothes “you’re going to be able to wear for years to come.”

Sexton also says, however, investing in a new pair of sneakers, denim jeans or a jumpsuit would be ideal for fall since the temperature around this time of year fluctuates.

And while shopping for new clothes, Sexton suggests students avoid buying certain fabrics that are starchy or stiff. Avoid clothes that won’t provide comfort, like skinny jeans or other synthetic or heavy material.

Instead, she recommends wearing knit fabrics like cardigan sweaters, fleece material like sweatsuits, and cotton-made jumpsuits.

For more fashion tips for back to school this fall, watch the full video above.

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