Voters in Fredericton prepare for first election during COVID-19 pandemic

Click to play video: 'Global reporter speaks to voters in Fredericton ahead of election day' Global reporter speaks to voters in Fredericton ahead of election day
WATCH: Global’s Megan Yamoah spoke to some voters in the capital city to gauge how they were feeling, as well as check in on some candidates doing some last minute campaigning – Sep 13, 2020

Voters in the 2020 provincial election know exactly what issues they want the next government to tackle.

“What I’m looking for is someone who can guide our province safely through the pandemic and continue to reopen our economy,” said voter Peter Feero.

“Seeing catastrophic, unprecedented wildfires on the west coast, I really believe that our current climate crisis is the most important issue of our day,” voter Tae Yon said.

“I’m looking for a leader that knows when it’s the right time to spend money and to spend it on the right things,” said voter Larry Broad

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Opinions on a snap election being called during a state of emergency by Premier Blaine Higgs varied.

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“I think it’s crazy, it’s so irresponsible,” Yon said.

“Surely if we can go to Walmart or somewhere once a week we can go vote once a year,” Board added.

This year, many voters have opted to skip traditional polls on election day.

“It was the first time ever I went to the returning office — I didn’t even know it existed,” voter Andrew Russell said. “It was super easy and no line and I wish I knew about it years before.”

At the 11th hour, candidates in the Fredericton South riding were still campaigning.

“I’m walking around the streets greeting people and I will be phoning people, I want to be a strong voice for Fredericton in the next PC government,” said Brian MacKinnon, candidate for Fredericton South.

Meanwhile, Liberal candidate Nicole Picot is door knocking and advocating for the funding of Clinic 554, New Brunswick’s only facility offering abortions outside of hospitals.

“That’s been a hugely important issue for me and I’ve committed, as has the Liberal Party, to totally fund that clinic,” said Nicole Picot, the Liberal Party candidate for Fredericton South.

Green Party Leader David Coon is spending the last day of the campaign touring the province.

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“This is an opportunity to choose a party that has new ideas about how we can plan a recovery that is going to address some fundamental problems that have been dogging us for a while but really came into focus during the COVID pandemic,” said David Coon, the Green Party candidate for Fredericton South.

Click to play video: 'Kris Austin on the goals of the People’s Alliance in the New Brunswick election' Kris Austin on the goals of the People’s Alliance in the New Brunswick election
Kris Austin on the goals of the People’s Alliance in the New Brunswick election – Sep 11, 2020

On election day, polling stations will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“I realize that there are many close races across the province and really I’m just going to be like everybody else, I’m going to be sitting back and watching the results roll in,” said Feero.

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