New Brunswick election: Moncton Northwest

Moncton Northwest re-elects PC Finance Minister Ernie Steeves in the 2020 election.

Riding background

The 2013 redistricting process saw the creation of the new riding of Moncton Northwest. The newly formed district contains parts of former ridings Moncton Crescent and Petitcodiac.

The last two elections in the riding have seen close contests between the Liberal and PC candidates, with only a few percentage points separating the two.


Liberal: Mark Black

Progressive Conservative: Ernie Steeves (incumbent)

  • Served as Minister of finance and treasury board

NDP: Cyprien Okana

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Green: Laura Sanderson

People’s Alliance: Shawn Soucoup



PC incumbent Ernie Steeves reoffered in the 2018 election. He won in a fairly close race between Liberal candidate Courtney Pringle-Carver.

Steeves won with 41.1. per cent of the vote while Pringle-Carver earned 38.2 per cent of the vote.

Only 223 votes separated the two candidates.


John Betts, PC incumbent for Moncton Crescent, would not re-offer in 2014.

PC candidate Steeves would win the 2014 election in Moncton Northwest, defeating Liberal candidate Brian Hicks. 

Steeves earned 42.2 per cent of the vote while Hicks earned 38.8 per cent.


Moncton Crescent and Petitcodiac both elected PC candidates in 2010.

Tory incumbent John Betts retained his seat in the riding of Moncton Crescent while Sherry Wilson was elected in the Petitcodiac riding, defeating former PC cabinet minister Wally Stiles, who had crossed the floor to the Liberals and joined their cabinet.