West Island diner’s old-school carside service brings back memories for residents

West Island burger joint offers customers a blast from the past
WATCH: With many people still hesitant to dine in restaurants, one West Island restaurant has gotten creative in how customers are served. Juke Box burgers is offering clients and old school car service. Global's Felicia Parrillo explains.

Like many restaurants in Quebec, Jukebox Burgers in Dollard-des-Ormeaux is open for both dining in and take


However, with many people still unsure about eating inside, owner Marc Emond has gotten creative.

“We figured we’d take the opportunity of the season and see if we can offer this car hop drive in, here at Jukebox,” he said.

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“Instead of eating inside the burger joint, customers park in one of the reserved spots for the carside service. They either call ahead to place their order, or when they arrive, the food is brought out a few minutes later, along with a retro tray that hooks onto the car’s window.”

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“I think the 1950s, 60s and 70s were the best, said client Robin Goldberg. “I remember they’d roll up on roller skates. This just brings back nostalgia.”

Though there are no roller skates at Jukebox, an employee does return to your car once you’re done, to pick up the garbage and the tray.

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“It reminded me of Miss Montreal from years ago where we used to go, sit there and they would come,” said Donnie Cape. “Or Orange Julep from years ago, and the A&W.

“I thought it was a fabulous idea.”

After a rough few months for the restaurant, the owner says he’s glad to be able to serve up an outside of the box experience.

“We’re trying to adapt to different clientele, with their preferences, as far as still being cooped up for a while,” said Emond.

“Now they can come dine in their own space, be happy and have the same food as they would have inside and the same service.”

Staying safe while dining out in the age of COVID-19
Staying safe while dining out in the age of COVID-19

The carhop service at Jukebox has been in place for just under a week.

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The restaurant says it will keep it going so long as customers keep coming.