Paris Jackson follows in dad’s footsteps with EP ‘The Soundflowers’: ‘I was born to do this’

WATCH: The Soundflowers' official 'Your Look (Glorious)' music video

Paris Jackson, the second child and only daughter of late American pop star Michael Jackson, has just released her first studio effort as a professional musician. It’s called The Soundflowers.

The self-titled EP comes from Jackson, 22, and her longtime bandmate/partner, Gabriel Glenn and was released worldwide on June 24. It features six acoustic-driven folk songs which were co-written by the duo.

For years, Jackson has been sharing her musical endeavours to the world via social media in the form of short clips posted to her Instagram page, however, now, it seems she’s committing to pursuing music professionally — as her father once did.

During an interview with Good Morning America (GMA) — which was published on Tuesday morning — Jackson admitted that it “wasn’t until the last couple of years” that she started considering herself as a musician.

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Though she didn’t explicitly say that feeling began with The Soundflowers, the band formed in 2018 and played their first gig that June, with only two songs under their belt — one of which appears on the new EP (In the Blue).

Jackson said that she started “embracing” the thought that she “was born to do this,” when she saw herself as a musician.

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Of why she started writing music, Jackson — who goes under the moniker PK Dragonfly — said that she used it as a way to “get things out” or “to purge” her feelings and past traumatic experiences.

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“It just feels good to share it,” the guitarist and co-vocalist admitted, as she sat next to her older brother, Prince Jackson. “It feels like, not butterflies in your stomach, but in your heart,” she added.

During the interview, Prince, 23, recollected the first time he heard The Soundflowers’ Geronimo, which Paris originally wrote at the age of 15. He said that he could “hear and feel all of the emotion and pain and hurt that went into” it.

“I remember thinking that this was a song that other people could (not only) relate to, but needed to hear,” he added.

Paris got emotional at her brother’s words and said that “he’s everything to me.”

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Of her father’s advice to her before his death, Paris said that “no matter what it was that we were interested in, he was like ‘do it. Educate yourself as much as possible and then go with it, in every aspect of your life.'”

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The Soundflowers EP is now available through all major streaming platforms.

For additional information on the Soundflowers, you can watch the band’s “unfiltered” docuseries via Facebook, where Paris goes into details about following in the footsteps of her deceased father, the King of Pop.

Full The Soundflowers EP tracklist:

1. Your Look (Glorious)
2. Geronimo
3. Notes On a Ghost
4. In the Blue
5. Best Version of Myself
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