New shavers use innovative technology for a better shave

Steve Makris for Global News

Today I showed two high-tech men’s shavers that explore news ways to get a better and more comfortable shave.

Braun CoolTec chills out for comfortable shaves.

Braun’s °CoolTech dry shaver $149.99 – $199.99 chills itself out when you turn it on. It uses Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology (TEC), which is usually employed in the construction of spacecrafts and satellites. It chills the shaving heads down while in use, noticeably reducing shaving irritation including burning, itching, redness and skin tension.

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In traditional shavers, the shaving head heats up from the cutting and rubbing friction so eliminating that, the °CoolTech can afford to shave closer with no side effects.

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It is dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance (SHA), an independent not-for-profit organisation working with international dermatologists, researchers, and skin scientists. So, not only do you get a close shave but actually feel refreshed after the daily grueling task.

Waterproof to 5 meters for washability it also has an optional alcohol-based Clean&Charge Station.

Panasonic ES-ST25K Triple Blade Linear Milano Shaver speeds up for coarser hair.

Panasonic’s new ES-ST25K Triple Blade Linear Milano Shaver $170, designed in Italy, has Stubble Sensor Technology, which automatically adjusts the cutting power to the thickness of hair. Beard hair is not even around the face. You can hear the motor power up as the sensor detects coarser hair.

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The Milano has a maximum 13,000 cycles per minute magnetic linear motor and three curved 30-degree Nano-technology performance blades for a smooth shave. It also keeps its speed up to speech, even when the battery is running low, minimizing tugging.

How does the theory of slowing down for softer whiskers work? I tried it and found in some cases, I had to go over a softer area twice, but due to sensor controlled lower speed, I got less skin irritation overall. Nice.

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