Masks to be made mandatory at Kelowna International Airport

Masks and face coverings to be mandatory at YLW

As business resumes at the Kelowna International Airport during the coronavirus pandemic, more precautions are being put in place to help protect travellers and staff.

YLW will require that masks or face coverings be worn at all times while in public areas. 

Children under the age of two and people with medical conditions that prevent mask usage are exempt, according to the airport.

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The airport says the new measures have been put in place due to an increase in air service and passengers.

“We’re expanding on measures at the airport effective Friday,” said Phillip Elchitz, a senior manager at YLW.

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The new mandatory mask requirement will come into effect on Friday, July 3.

The requirement will be for any person inside YLW, including workers, volunteers, visitors and travellers.

It’s an expansion on a federal rule that requires travellers to wear a mask when physical distancing is not possible.

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The airport says staff are focused on ensuring the health and well-being of everyone at YLW and that they are working closely with government and health officials.

A non-medical face covering can be as simple as a bandana or scarf that fully covers the nose and mouth. 

“If you go to the provincial government websites there is an outline of what is required,” said Elchitz.

Passengers will still be subject to a health check before boarding a flight and will be denied entry to the plane if they fail any of the questions.

YLW says it’s regularly reviewing existing safety measures and will adjust as necessary to combat COVID-19.

YLW to stop hosting international passenger flights April 9 for duration of pandemic
YLW to stop hosting international passenger flights April 9 for duration of pandemic