Runner sets goal to run every street in Saskatoon

Runner pounds pavement throughout Saskatoon
WATCH: Over the last four years, Troy Harkness has run down every road, alley and trail in Saskatoon.

Troy Harkness has been running both for pleasure, and competitively in marathons for nearly 30 years.

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He’s competed in roughly a dozen marathons, but when injuries caused a halt in his training regiment four years ago, he set his sights on a new goal — to criss-cross Saskatoon.  He’s hitting every runnable street, avenue, crescent and trail in the city.

“I said, ‘OK, I’ve got a project, I’m just going to run every street, every alley and every trail in Saskatoon,’ and that motivated me,” Harkness said.

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For four years, Harkness has used a cellphone app to track his progress as he winds his way throughout the entirety of the city. Although he’s nearly completed his goal, he has a few streets left to go.

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He usually hits the pavement four to five times a week, completing anywhere from 10 to 20 kilometres a jaunt. Currently, his favourite route is along the banks of the South Saskatchewan River.

Although, his feet often carry him far beyond the city limits.

“I run a lot of grid roads out in the country,” Harkness said. “There’s nothing out there except scenery; no people, no cars.”

While he gets great enjoyment out of the exercise, and enjoying the nature around him, it’s the calming effect that running has over him that he enjoys the most.

“It’s a place where I’m completely alone, and it’s quiet,” he said.