Alberta Health Services shares touching moment between senior and EMS member

Alberta Health Services shared a touching moment between an EMS member and a senior on Friday.
Alberta Health Services shared a touching moment between an EMS member and a senior on Friday. Alberta Health Services / Facebook

Alberta Health Services has shared a touching moment between one of its Emergency Medical Services members and a senior citizen that it said points out “sometimes we simply need to lend a helping hand.”

The Facebook post was shared Friday and shows an EMS member helping a 90-year-old Albertan mow his lawn.

AHS said that emergency services were called to the man’s home after his Lifeline went off accidentally.

“Fortunately, there was no medical emergency. But at 90 years old, this gentleman has earned a break,” the post said.

Global News connected with Josh Nash, the EMS paramedic shown in the picture, who said it happened during a call Wednesday in Calgary’s Fairview neighbourhood.

“We both had a bit of a laugh because he said he must have pushed it while he was mowing his lawn,” Nash said Saturday.

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“Understanding that he was 90 years old… I took it upon myself to mow his lawn for him. It wasn’t a large area, but I could tell he was struggling a little bit.

“So I said to him, ‘It’ll take me five minutes to mow your lawn — let me mow your lawn for you.'”

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The post has already been shared hundreds of times on the social media network. Many are also using it as a place to comment about other positive interactions they’ve had with EMS workers.

“I wasn’t expecting to quite get the attention that I did,” Nash said. “I think it’s great that we can all show that we’re human beings and that we need to look after each other.”

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“I think [Alberta EMS] help people out quite frequently,” Nash said. “I’ve had many colleagues like myself that have taken it upon themselves — whether it’s mowing someone’s lawn, shovelling the snow in the wintertime,” he said, adding that he was also monitoring for other emergency calls while he mowed the lawn.
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