Two of a kind: Friends born on the same day become fathers on the same day

Click to play video: 'Two fathers born on the same day 24 years ago become fathers also on the same day'
Two fathers born on the same day 24 years ago become fathers also on the same day
WATCH: Two West Virginia men, who were born on the same day, June 7, have now become dads on the exact same day as well – Jun 10, 2020

Two best friends who share the same birthday became fathers on the same day, too.

Adam Dent and Tyler Brooks might have met in a hospital nursery in Bluefield, W.V., where they were both born on May 14, 1996. Little did they know they’d go on to become friends in little league football, WSIL-TV says.

Being the same age and in school together, it’s conceivable that the two shared many firsts. Now, the 24-year-olds can count becoming dads together as another shared milestone.

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“I instantly messaged him and was like: ‘Dude, this is crazy. We’re in labour right now,'” Dent told the broadcast station. “He was like: ‘This would be crazy if they were born on the same day, just like us.'”

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Lo and behold, Lexi Grace Brooks and Liam Walker Dent were born just 10 hours apart on June 7.

“It’s pretty crazy,” Brooks said. “Our parents think we need to play the lottery. It will be one crazy story to tell them one day.”

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“It’s been a blessing. We’ve been FaceTiming each other,” Dent said. “Even our babies have been FaceTiming each other. We’ve already talked about when we get out of here how the four of us and our children will take a picture together.”

While becoming a first-time father can’t be easy, they seem glad to have each other around for the ride.

“It’s real good because you got someone experiencing the same experience I’m going through of having your first child,” Brooks told the station. “That’s always a special moment and it’s good to share it with someone, too.”


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