Terry Crews responds to controversy surrounding his ‘Black Supremacy’ tweet

Terry Crews attends the Esquire's Annual Maverick's of Hollywood at Sunset Tower on February 20, 2018, in Los Angeles, Calif. Rich Fury/Getty Images

Terry Crews took to Twitter on Monday to address his controversial “Black supremacy” tweet.

As protests continued following the May 25 death of George Floyd while in police custody, Crews took to social media to say that “defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy.”

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George Floyd protests: Trudeau decries violence against Black, Indigenous Canadians

“Equality is the truth,” Crews added on Sunday. “Like it or not, we are all in this together.”

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Many people responded to Crews’ tweet, including his former co-star from Everybody Hates Chris Tyler James Williams.

“I’m not trying to call you out @TerryCrews. You know it’s all love always. But we’re rightfully angry right now and fed up with anyone not with our cause wholeheartedly. I don’t want to see that energy pointed your way or diverted from the cause,” James Williams said to his on-camera dad from the sitcom.

“I understand, Tyler. I was not saying Black supremacy exists, because it doesn’t. I am saying if both Black and Whites don’t continue to work together ⁠— bad attitudes and resentments can create a dangerous self-righteousness. That’s all,” Crews responded to James Williams.

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Comedian Godfrey also responded to Crews tweet, writing, “I love you as a friend Brother Terry. But I disagree with you 100 per cent. No such thing as Black Supremacy. That is a tactic that racist whites use to counteract our rebellion to their horrific treatment of us. It’s called Gas lighting. Black pride isn’t anti white.”

“I agree. I’m not discussing white people here. There are ‘gatekeepers of Blackness’ within our own community who decide who’s Black and who’s not. I have often been called out for not being ‘Black enough.’ How can that be?” Crews asked in response.

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Actor Orlando Jones quoted Crews’ tweet and wrote, “Black supremacy? We represent 13 per cent of US population, hold no institutional power & gaslight our coworkers. We got 99 problems and your math isn’t the only 1. #StrongerTogether.”

Author Frederick Joseph tweeted, “Every time I think Terry Crews has done the worst, he always does more.”

In another tweet, Crews said, “Any Black person who calls me a coon or and[sic] Uncle Tom for promoting EQUALITY is a Black Supremacist, because they have determined who’s Black and who is not.”
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Hours later, Crews returned to Twitter to say that everything he’s said “comes from a spirit of love and reconciliation.”

“Please know that everything I’ve said comes from a spirit of love and reconciliation, for the Black community first, then the world as a whole, in hopes to see a better future for Black people,” Crews tweeted.

“I believe it is important we not suffer from groupthink, and we keep minds of our own, and be allowed to ask difficult questions to each other. I believe this dialogue is important as we get through this trauma together. I love you,” the America’s Got Talent host wrote in a follow-up tweet.

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Following Floyd’s death, Crews posted an emotional video to Instagram.

“First of all my heart is broken,” Crews said. “George Floyd looks like me. George Floyd could be me. I could easily, easily be that man on the ground with that police officer’s knee on my neck. That could easily be me.”

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