Alberta online shopper shares strange delivery experience with no package

Click to play video 'Online shopper shares strange Amazon delivery experience' Online shopper shares strange Amazon delivery experience
WATCH ABOVE: A Leduc man is sharing his experience after his online shopping order from Amazon wasn't delivered as expected. Sarah Ryan reports.

A Leduc man is speaking out about a bizarre online shopping delivery that left him scratching his head.

Juvinar Santiago recently ordered a 100-foot hose and a toy for his son on Amazon, but the delivery of the products did not go as expected on Saturday.

“I received notifications from Intelcom that my item is on the way. So my child is excited. We’re waiting for the item to arrive,” he explained.

His surveillance cameras captured a delivery driver stopping in front of his driveway, and getting out of the vehicle wearing an orange safety vest.

But when he gets around the car, you can see he doesn’t appear to be holding a package, just a cell phone.

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“To my surprise, the driver did not bring anything. They just take pictures of the house. They press the doorbell and leave without anything being left,” Santiago said.

He was home when the delivery driver came, and got a notification that his package had been successfully delivered.

Wanting to practice safe social distancing, Santiago watched the delivery driver walk away through the window by his front door and then went outside once he left.

“I open the front door and then the package — nothing is there,” Santiago said.

“I’m very disappointed and upset because because my son is expecting he’s going to play with his toy, and now I have to wait some time for them to deliver it again for me.”

In the delivery email from Intelcom, Santiago said he normally gets a photo of his house number, alongside a picture of the package on his front step.

This time, he says he only got a picture of his house number as proof of delivery, nothing showing his package.

He reached out to Amazon right away and was told via email that if he didn’t receive his package within 48 hours, he could either get a refund, or they would resend the products.

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Santiago also reached out to Intelcom and waited for more than two days, hoping his package might arrive. By Tuesday at 1 p.m., it still had not.

In a statement to Global News, the delivery company wrote: “Delivery associates have a procedure to follow if a package is missing while on a delivery route. We are investigating as to why the delivery associate came up to the house. Following the results of our investigation, the appropriate measures will be taken if required.”

Intelcom followed up a few hours later, saying “From the information we have presently, it seems this was a handling error: the package was scanned back to the warehouse later that day.”

Santiago says his experiences with Intelcom have mostly been good, but he wanted to share his experience with others who shop online.

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“Maybe it’s not the porch pirate who’s stealing their package, maybe the delivery driver doesn’t deliver the goods,” Santiago said.

On Tuesday afternoon, after being contacted by Global News, Intelcom did deliver the hose and toy Santiago had been waiting for.

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