Lethbridge woman uses sidewalk chalk art to inspire others during pandemic

Click to play video: 'Lethbridge woman uses her sidewalk chalk art to inspire others amid COVID-19'
Lethbridge woman uses her sidewalk chalk art to inspire others amid COVID-19
Art can help people get through the toughest of times and with no shortage of talented artists in Lethbridge, Taz Dhaliwal finds out how one local mom is using chalk art to help brighten people's day during the COVID-19 pandemic. – Apr 30, 2020

Through the darkest of times, creativity can help lift spirits when people need it the most. That’s exactly what one Lethbridge resident is doing by bringing popular characters to life on her sidewalk.

“Me and my daughter were just out drawing with chalk one day and I thought, ‘I draw portraits. I’m an artist, so why not try and brighten up the neighborhood a little bit with some characters?'” said Brittany Lewis, an artist who operates Jasmine&Charcoal, a custom portraits and prints company.

“I see kids walking around here all the time. I just wanted to do something that would be fun for them to look at.”

Her five-year-old daughter might just be her biggest fan.

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“She’s excited to see all of the new characters when she wakes up in the morning.

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“I know she’s hopeful for a new character and wants to come out here and help me sketch them and colour them, so she’s enjoying it a lot,” Lewis said.

Click to play video: 'Calgary Cares: Cartoons for a cause'
Calgary Cares: Cartoons for a cause

Lewis thinks one of the reasons her drawings have been such a hit in the community is because they can provide a means of escape for people bogged down by the serious and disheartening climate that’s been created by COVID-19, even if it’s just for a brief moment.

“The colour and the imagery, I mean, it’s Disney… a lot of it that I’m doing,” she said. “It just kind of brings people back to a place that’s happy and joyful, even if just for a minute.”

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Her vibrant chalk work is also receiving lots of positive feedback. It’s even enticing many local residents to come by and admire it in person.

“We do have people like driving up and stopping and getting out and looking with their kids… People are sharing it on Facebook and Instagram,” she said. “It’s been fun, people are just enjoying it.”

Lewis also says it’s something she plans to continue doing for the foreseeable future.

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