Saskatoon bakery offering $1 items for low-income residents during coronavirus pandemic

Nestor's Bakery is offering those who self-identify as low income a chance to purchase loaves of bread and baked goods for $1. Slavo Kutas / Global News

A Saskatoon bakery is trying to make life easier for those on a tighter budget during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nestor’s Bakery started a new program for those who self-identify as low-income, and is offering loaves of bread and baked goods for $1 each.

The owner was raised by his grandparents and told Global News they shared stories of how the community came together during the Second World War.

“For me, I love the idea that we can play a role in helping those in need during the crisis,” Keith Jorgenson said. “We have a facility here that’s capable of producing a vast quantity of healthy food and it would seem like a shame to let it idle.” 

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The majority of the bakery’s clients are restaurants and large institutions. Jorgensen said when the provincial government implemented the pandemic measures, he asked his staff whether they wanted to continue working or be laid off.

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The staff agreed to continue working.

With the ability to produce large amounts of bread and baked goods, Nestor’s decided to keep running and is attempting to help the less fortunate.

“Our hope is that between that and the stuff we’re giving away and the stuff we’re selling to other agencies at cost, our hope is to supply around 10,000 loaves of bread a month to the community,” Jorgenson said.

He expects that target to be passed at some point in the coming days.

The bakery has a four-hour window between 1 and 5 p.m. available for anyone looking to participate in the $1 sales.

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