Port Saint John makes noise in show of solidarity for COVID-19 frontline workers

Atlantic Towing tug in a water display.
Atlantic Towing tug in a water display. Port Saint John
In a statement released on Friday, Port Saint John said that at 11:45 a.m. work would pause for at least one-minute and all vehicles would make noise by blowing horns.
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“This will include cargo ships, trains, payloaders, container carriers, and trucks and personal vehicles of the workforce.  Those whose homes look onto the harbour will also see the Atlantic Towing tugs in a water display,” said the port.
According to Pat Riley of the International Longshoremen’s Association Local 273, they’ve reached out to partners in the transportation community to take part in the Solidarity for All salute.
“We want to make sure that those working in the critical medical care sector, fire and police, all transportation industry workers in both the commercial and public transportation sectors, all grocery and drug store personnel, and food service industry workers know that our entire community appreciates the sacrifice they are making by going to work each day during the COVID-19 crisis,” explained Riley.
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