London’s humane society holds ‘virtual food drive’ to help stock near-depleted supply

Humane Society of London and Middlesex

The Humane Society of London and Middlesex is turning to Londoners for help in stocking up its supply of pet food for the more than 100 animals in its care.

In a bid to flatten the curve amid the coronavirus pandemic, the humane society is holding a ‘virtual food drive‘ and asking for monetary donations to buy food through local partners, said Steve Ryall, the humane society’s executive director.

“Essentially, what we need is just money to be able to go out and buy the food, and then we’ll actually get one delivery and have one person drop that off,” he said.

“We really felt comfortable about doing that. And that really lessens the traffic.”

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With the busier spring season right around the corner, Ryall says they’re fearful about the level of food that will be available for the animals, especially cats.

“We have seen a little bit of a depletion in our supplies and are looking for some food — specifically, canned foods for cats is where we’re really, really low,” he said.

Given the unstable financial situation in which many Londoners are now finding themselves, Ryall said any help would be greatly appreciated.

“We’re just grateful for any gifts that we do get,” he said. “And then it allows us to go out and purchase that food through those partners.

“The key thing, more than anything, is we are not asking people to go buy food and bring it to the shelter. We don’t want people out in the community.”

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In addition, the humane society has an Wish List page allowing people to buy certain food and have it sent to the shelter.

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Ryall said they seek particular brands so the animals at the shelter eat the same food every day.

“What that allows us to do is keep their cages a lot cleaner because the animals are healthier, and also cut down on any trips that we may have to do to go to the vet,” Ryall said.

“Maybe, sometimes, those bags of food are a bit more money than a normal food bag. But if everybody contributes $5 or $10, that adds up, and then we’re able to get that specific food and keep the animals healthy while they’re with us.”

Financial donations can be made through the humane society’s website.


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