‘Ancient Sword of the Meth King’ seized in police traffic stop

Police in Bath Township, Mich., seized these weapons during a traffic stop on Jan. 27, 2020. Bath Township Police Department/Facebook

Excalibur. The Sword in the Stone. Sting. Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber.

Pop culture is filled with legendary weapons, and now, so is the evidence locker at the police station in Bath Township, Mich.

Police shared a tongue-in-cheek Facebook post on Wednesday showing several weapons they confiscated in a traffic bust, including one freakishly toothed weapon they’re calling the “Ancient Sword of the Meth King.”

Police say the massive trove of firearms, bullets and blades was seized along with methamphetamine on Jan. 27 after officers spotted them during a traffic stop.

They described the cache as “Lord of the Rings meets John Wick” in the Facebook post and suggested it was a “new high point” in their work.

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Police did not specify whether any arrests or charges were laid in the case.

The small-town police department is well-known for cracking jokes on Facebook, and readers were quick to applaud their latest offering. The post has received more than 3,000 comments and 4,000 likes since Wednesday.

“Did you get that sword off an anime character?” one user wrote in the comments section.

The weapon is actually a replica from a Japanese anime called Bleach, as several people pointed out. The weapon belongs to a character named Renji Abarai, according to online replica sword retailer Karate Mart. The site says the sword is “one of the most fearsome looking things we carry.”

A Zanpakuto Bleach Sword is shown in this image from Karate Mart’s website. Karate Mart

It’s unclear where the one seized by police came from, as there are many sites that sell the replica sword.

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Amid all the discussion around the not-so-ancient “sword of the meth king,” many people asked about another a seemingly harmless item included in the police photo.

“Was the hole punch confiscated too?” one person asked.

“That is a pretty dangerous three-hole punch,” added another.

“Probably loaded with white confetti rounds.”

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