10-cent TTC fare increase takes effect

Passengers wait to board a southbound TTC Line 1 subway train. Nick Westoll / File / Global News

A 10-cent TTC fare increase took effect Sunday.

The increase was initially revealed in the 2020 operating budget and applies to all fares, except for the adult cash fare which will remain the same at $3.25.

It will now cost $3.20 for an adult Presto fare, up from $3.10, and $2.25 for a youth or senior Presto fare.

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A youth or senior cash fare is now $2.30.

The cost of monthly passes also increased across all fare types, with an adult monthly pass now sitting at $156.

According to a letter from TTC CEO Rick Leary in December, the fare increase is expected to generate $31.4 million.

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