What Super Bowl foods are Canadians searching for?

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What are Canadians searching for most for Super Bowl Sunday?
What are Canadians searching for most for Super Bowl Sunday? – Jan 31, 2020

We are a nation divided.

At least, Canadian provinces are split pretty evenly, in terms of who they are rooting for in this Sunday’s Super Bowl, according to numbers provided by Google Canada.

“What’s really interesting about this year is that the country is divided,” Google Canada’s Zaitoon Murji told Global News Morning. “When you look at last year, everybody was rooting for the Patriots.”

Google Canada says that the Northwest and Yukon territories, as well as Quebec, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador, are all behind the Kansas City Chiefs while British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia are backing the San Francisco 49ers. The provinces of P.E.I., Ontario and Manitoba appeared to be split 50/50.

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Click to play video: 'A healthier take on Super Bowl food from Chef Brian Henry'
A healthier take on Super Bowl food from Chef Brian Henry

While we are split on which red jersey we will be cheering on, Canadians as a whole are ready to eat, and eat and eat.

Reebee, which is a popular tool for people to peruse grocery flyers to find deals, has provided Global News with a list of the top searched Super Bowl-related items across Canada in advance of the last two Super Bowls.

“We wanted to kind of share the data from past years in order to provide context for people doing their shopping this year and kind of said what they can anticipate going on sale and how they can prep accordingly, for their party,” Reebee spokesperson Claire Martin said.

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Over the two-year period, Reebee says the top items that Canadians purchased included ground beef, cheese, boneless chicken breast, tomatoes and romaine lettuce.

Sounds like Canadians really enjoy their nachos.

Click to play video: 'Chefs find inspiration from the Chiefs and 49s'
Chefs find inspiration from the Chiefs and 49s

Many of the items topping the list for each province, for the most part, were unsurprising — except for in La Belle Province.

In Alberta, Manitoba and B.C., people were searching for avocado whereas several other provinces had cheese (Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland) or ground meat (Saskatchewan and P.E.I.) as their top items of interest.

In Quebec, the most searched item heading into the last two Super Bowls on Reebee was cucumbers, which seems deliciously different.

But others seem to be following the cuke trend in 2020, as it topped Reebee’s national search charts on Thursday, according to Martin.

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The folks at Google Canada say that there is a little more variation in terms of what recipes people are looking into ahead of this year’s big game.

“There’s two really interesting ones that we are seeing this year. In Newfoundland, they are going for the Korean short ribs, so that feels like it might be a really great party to go to,” Murji said. “And in P.E.I, it’s Keto curry.”

Across the rest of Canada, many are looking to go for a dip.

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Learn the basics of Super Bowl LIV

In Ontario and Alberta, its Buffalo chicken dip, while in Yukon it is onion and bacon dip, whereas in New Brunswick it’s spinach dip.

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Quebecers and Nova Scotians are searching for chicken wings, whereas in Manitoba its Mac & Cheese.

In B.C., people are looking to Google for sandwich ideas.

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