Two Vietnamese men taking ‘shower’ on motorcycle fined by police

A video shows two men in Vietnam taking a shower on a motorcycle. Giao Thông/Facebook

Hygiene is important, but perhaps not while driving a motorcycle.

Two Vietnamese men learned this lesson the hard way after being fined by local police for various traffic violations on Wednesday.

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In a video shared to Facebook, which was then widely circulated across social media channels, the two men can be seen riding a motorbike and shampooing their hair at the same time.

At one point, the driver finishes lathering up and his passenger dumps a bucket of water that was wedged between them over his head before moving on to his own.

It appears the driver is also holding onto a case of green-and-red beer between his knees.

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According to local media Tuoi Tre, the driver was 23-year-old Huynh Thanh Khanh. In the video, the driver can reportedly be heard saying he was in a rush to drink at a party.

Khanh and his unnamed passenger were fined 1.8 million Vietnamese dong (C$102) by police, the local publication reports, for a series of traffic violations including driving without a licence, riding without wearing helmets and riding without a rear-view mirror.

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The publication added that the person who lent Khanh the motorcycle was fined 1.4 million dong (C$60) for lending the bike to an unqualified driver.

Police officials were able to track them both down by using the licence plate number seen in the video.

Khanh was pictured speaking to an official at the Dau Tieng District station, which is located in the southern province of Binh Duong.


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