Man pulled over after disguising skeleton to drive in HOV lane

This Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020, photo provided by the Arizona Department of Public Safety shows a dummy skeleton found after a State Trooper traffic stop of a 62-year-old man for an HOV lane violation in Phoenix. Arizona Department of Public Safety via AP

PHOENIX (AP) — A 62-year-old man was cited in Arizona this week after trying to disguise a fake skeleton as a passenger just to use the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety says a trooper pulled over the man on Thursday after noticing he had placed a fake skeleton in the passenger’s front seat.

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The skeleton was sitting upright, wearing a hat and tied to the front seat.

Department spokesman Raul Garcia said troopers cite about 7,000 HOV lane violators every year. Last April, a man was pulled over after driving in the HOV lane with a mannequin wearing a sweatshirt, baseball cap and sunglasses.

In Canada, drivers can use HOV lanes if they have at least two people (including the driver) in their car.

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Cars towing trailers can also use the HOV lanes, and buses, taxis and airport limousines, emergency vehicles and motorcycles can use HOV lanes no matter how many passengers they’re carrying.

The penalty for improper HOV lane use in Ontario can result in $110 and three demerit points, according to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

—With files from Meaghan Wray

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