Instagram-worthy Alberta coffee shop gets creative 2D boost

Click to play video: 'Alberta coffee shop turns two dimensional'
Alberta coffee shop turns two dimensional
WATCH: A bakery and café in Okotoks, Alta. is turning heads after redesigning its space to look like a two-dimensional colouring book. As Tiffany Lizee reports, it's all about staying competitive – Jan 23, 2020

A bakery and café in Okotoks, Alta., is turning heads after redesigning its space to look like a two-dimensional colouring book.

94 Take the Cake recently underwent a drastic makeover and now the cafe’s walls are covered with white and black paint, making it resemble a colouring book.

Tiffany Lizee/Global News

The owner, Sherry Lindenbach wanted to help revitalize the downtown core of Okotoks with a unique space.

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“It’s 2020… What’s new? What’s exciting? What’s different? What can we do as small business owners to keep people engaged and excited and start coming through the door?”

She also wanted to get the community involved.

A number of local artists were eager help out with the project.

On that list were fellow artists Cheryl Taylor and Janifer Calvez from Lineham House, Jennifer Stables, Russell Thomas, Robin Lisa Thibodeau, and Alyssa Koski.

Tiffany Lizee/Global News
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“We really have a great sense of community here, and so when Sherry called us out to help, there was no question.

“I just gathered the paint brushes, started sketching and knocked on her door and just started painting until the wee hours of the morning,” said Stables.

Lindenbach wanted to put emphasis on her customers and have them pop out against the black and white walls.

The feedback from customers is positive, Lindenbach said.

“People are loving it.”

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“I think they are excited for numerous things. I think they’re excited for the new artists to be involved, they’re excited for our new fresh look — something unique and different and just something they’ve never seen before.”

She’s hoping the Instagram-worthy walls will attract business from across the province.

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