Councillor Karen Leibovici is running for mayor

EDMONTON – The signs around the podium at Councillor Karen Leibovici’s announcement Thursday made her intentions clear: ‘Karen Leibovici for Mayor’ they read.

“As you can see from the signage behind me, today I am announcing my intention to run in the upcoming election to become our city’s next mayor.”

“Edmonton needs a mayor with a strong track-record for leadership, Leibovici said, “a mayor that recognizes that we are a cosmopolitan city that must balance complicated social, environmental, cultural and economic demands. And I have that ability.”

The Ward 6 councillor, who’s served four terms on Edmonton City Council, announced she is running for mayor in October’s municipal election.

Leibovici said the city is at a tipping point, and that Edmonton needs to be bold.  She said she’s running for mayor because she has experience, and doesn’t want to see a “shift into neutral” with the next council.

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While the city is maturing, she said there is a need to keep young people in Edmonton and bring them back to the Capital City.

She said Edmonton needs a mayor who recognizes the complex needs of the city. She addressed the need to be fiscally responsible while still maintaining services.

Karen Leibovici’s news conference, June 13, 2013. Vinesh Pratap,Global News

A number of fellow city councillors were seen at Thursday’s announcement at the CKUA building downtown, including Dave Loken, Amarjeet Sohi, Kim Krushell and Tony Caterina.

Leibovici thanked her fellow councillors for being there.

She has been serving on council for four terms after first being elected to city council in 2001. Prior to that, she was a Member of the Alberta Legislative Assembly for Edmonton-Meadowlark.

Since 2002, Leibovici has been part of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and is currently the president of the federation.

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Other than Don Iveson, all the other city councillors have revealed their plans for the October election.

Ward 6 Councillor Jane Batty announced June 3 she will not seek re-election, and will be retiring from politics.

Ward 2 Councillor Kim Krushell revealed Tuesday that she won’t be running again, and will be taking a break from municipal politics to spend more time with her family.

All the other councillors have said they will run again October 21.

Ward 11 Councillor Kerry Diotte is running for mayor.

Mayor Stephen Mandel will not be seeking re-election.

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