BC RCMP want to talk to driver about ‘questionable’ snowmobile transportation

Police are hoping to speak to the driver of this vehicle to verify whether their "questionable" sled transportation method is safe. .
Police are hoping to speak to the driver of this vehicle to verify whether their "questionable" sled transportation method is safe. . RCMP

RCMP in British Columbia are hoping tips from the public will help lead them to a driver with a “questionable” method of transporting their snowmobile.

Police would like to speak to the motorist to verify whether or not the set-up is a safety hazard.

On Tuesday morning, BC RCMP shared a screen capture on social media from some dash cam video showing the white car with a snowmobile on its roof.

Police believe the vehicle was seen in Kamloops with the snowmobile on its roof, and that it may be registered in Alberta.

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RCMP Cpl. Mike Halskov said it’s the first time he has every seen anything like this in his 20 years working in traffic services.

Halskov said police are concerned about the safety of the setup and want to check that the roof rack is properly secured to the vehicle and able to support the sled, which likely weighs several hundred pounds.

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He said if the roof rack was to let go during a sudden stop, the concern is that the sled could fall into the path of other drivers.

“There is a number of scenarios I can think of that would make transporting it in that fashion dangerous,” he said.

Halskov said there are also questions about whether the vehicle’s roof can support the weight of the snowmobile.

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He said having that much weight on the roof is potentially dangerous if one of the roof supports gives way while the vehicle is on the road.

Without examining the setup, Halskov could not say whether or not the driver is breaking any rules.

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However, police would like to look at the transportation setup to ensure it is safe.

Police are urging others not to transport their snowmobiles in this manner.

Instead, RCMP recommend people stick to more conventional methods of transport such as putting their sleds in the bed of a pickup truck or on a trailer.