Saskatchewan gas prices expected to rise roughly 15 cents by summer, expert says

Saskatchewan gas prices expected to rise roughly 15 cents by summer, expert says
WATCH: Gas prices in Saskatchewan are expected to rise up to 15 cents by summertime.

The last decade saw fuel prices begin their upswing to new highs across Canada, peaking in 2014.

Judging from early predictions, that isn’t expected this time around.

According to, residents in Saskatchewan currently pay the third-lowest average price at $1.07. Albertans pay the lowest at 95 cents, while drivers in British Columbia pay the highest — at nearly $1.30.

But according to Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, that price should be higher across the country by summer — with pumps in Saskatchewan jumping as high as a $1.20.

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According to McTeague, prices should remain stationary to start 2020. But in comparison, he says, Canadians pay more for gas than their U.S. counterparts.

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“A weak Canadian dollar almost directly [leads] to the fact that we are not getting international prices in mining,” he said.
“[It’s] one of the mains reasons why Canada and Canadians spend about 15 to 18 cents a litre more than they ought to.”

He adds we’ve seen six months of stability when it comes to economic factors that dictate fuel prices, some of which are implemented yearly in Canada.

“We are likely to see the federal government’s raising of the carbon tax, which occurs on April 1,” he added, “followed two weeks later with the switch from winter to summer gasoline.”

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Saskatoon residents, who didn’t want to be on camera, told Global News, they wished gas was 20 to 30 cents lower than its current price.

But they also agreed that it’s not the most expensive to fill up a vehicle in Saskatchewan compared other parts of Canada.