Okanagan winery’s augmented reality labels offer pickup lines and vintner’s notes

Click to play video: 'Okanagan winery launches augmented reality labels' Okanagan winery launches augmented reality labels
An Okanagan winery is the first Canadian winemaker to launch augmented reality labels. Jules Knox reports. – Dec 21, 2019

An Okanagan winemaker is the first winery in Canada to launch augmented reality labels.

A phone app shows a man and a woman beside the label’s iconic red shoe graphic with a pick-up line and useful information about the wine.

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“It’s good for a chuckle and sharing with friends,” said View Winery president Jennifer Turton-Molgat. “Isn’t that what wine is supposed to be all about?

“Having a sense of humour has always been a core principle of ours. And what we’ve done with the augmented reality is an extension of that.”

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The winery 19 Crimes from Australia was the first augmented reality wine label to land in Canadian liquor stores, but the View is the first Canadian winery to use the technology.

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