Punk band plays concert at Denny’s — causing $1K in damages

Click to play video: 'Punk rock band throws rowdy ‘grand slam’ show at California Denny’s restaurant'
Punk rock band throws rowdy ‘grand slam’ show at California Denny’s restaurant
WATCH: Punk rock band throws rowdy 'grand slam' show at California Denny's restaurant – Dec 20, 2019

Bacon and eggs. What better way is there to wake up?

Well, Denny’s might have the answer to this timeless debate.

Last Saturday, Dec. 14, in Santa Ana, Calif., Long Beach-based punk band Wacko performed a sold-out concert at a local Denny’s — yes, they sold out a beloved family diner — helping to wake up some potentially groggy customers.

As shown in a variety of pictures and videos, the “venue” was completely filled, making it so band members had to stand on either the restaurant tables or their own equipment just so they would have enough room to perform while attempting to avoid the aggressive waves of mosh pits.

Some concert-goers managed to capture the madness on film, later sharing Wacko’s 20-minute set to YouTube, where some of the classic Denny’s chandeliers can be seen hanging on for dear life as rowdy headbangers circle the perimeter.

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The bizarre concert was organized by a 17-year-old local promoter, Bryson Del Valle, who, according to Loudwire, was left responsible to pay what was expected to be a US$1,000 bill as a result of the damages sustained at the unsuspecting establishment.

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As well as the visibly abused chandeliers, a number of tables and chairs were damaged during the carnage of Wacko’s seemingly violent Denny’s performance.

The band itself even launched a GoFundMe fundraiser in support of Del Valle, asking for donations to help him cover the costs of the damages.

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Wacko revealed that the “Denny’s Grand Slam” cost the teenage promoter $400 alone just to book and that it was the first show he had ever booked.

Wacko photoshoot. 2019. By photographer Pedro M. @pedrothehuman via Wacko

However, when met with the actual bill from Denny’s, Del Valle was surprised even further when the total of the bill equated to $1,800.

Despite Wacko’s GoFundMe page, the promoter was still short of the funds, so he decided to launch his own fundraiser.

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Though he’s been forced to deal with the damages, Del Valle told Global News that he did not regret organizing the concert.

“I threw a kick–s show at a Denny’s with the best band I could think to throw it with,” he said. “I’m glad that it’s getting Wacko out there. It was very worth it

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“I think the show couldn’t have gone better and I would love to do it again if I ever got the chance. I honestly expected it to get rowdy but it surpassed my expectations with how crazy it got.”

According to Wacko, in addition to his costs, Del Valle rented a generator for an “after-party,” which was held under a bridge outside a local Costco after the show.

It was “for all the kids who couldn’t get inside the Denny’s show,” the band said on the GoFundMe page.

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“Show this kid some luv [sic] ’cause he put Southern Californian punk on the map,” concluded Wacko. “Anything you can donate would help.”

As of Friday morning, the group’s fundraiser had amassed nearly $1,300 — more than double its original $600 goal.

“You have just witnessed the phenomena. The children are angry and desperate so we congregate in pancakeries to escape,” Wacko told Global News.

“Denny’s was but only a stepping stone towards a greater mission for the children. YOU WILL LOOK!”

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Additional videos from Wacko’s performance at Denny’s can be found on the band’s official Instagram page.

Their music can also be heard through Bandcamp.
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