Powerful winds toss recycling bins into Lethbridge streets

Click to play video 'Gusting winds toss recycling bins into Lethbridge streets' Gusting winds toss recycling bins into Lethbridge streets
WATCH ABOVE: Trash blown all over the streets and blue bins knocked completely over; that’s what many in Lethbridge woke up to Tuesday morning. As Emily Olsen reports, the city is emphasizing some key tips for windy day recycling – Dec 17, 2019

Lethbridge is taking out the trash a little more carefully this week, as gusting winds knock over bins and leave garbage strewn across city streets.

City officials said they are aware of the issue, and ask that residents take extra precautions with how they position and handle recycle and household waste carts while the wind is a concern.

“We do get a lot of calls about it,” said Gordon Prest with Lethbridge Waste and Recycling Services. “You can always call 311 if you have concerns or questions about a windy day or a mess in your lane.

“We also tell people to write your name or address on your cart. So if it does blow away, you can find it and you’re not mixing up with your neighbours.’”

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Prest acknowledged that some areas are just windier than others.

“We do know that there are little hot spots and windy corridors in the city, and those Lethbridge residents usually do know where they are,” he said.

“They know not to put their cart out the night before, just in case it gets blown away.”

Prest added that if a cart isn’t at least 60 per cent full, it’s best to keep it inside until the next pickup date.

“Put it out in the morning, don’t have your cart too full… otherwise it acts like a sail,” he said.

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Claire Smith lives on the city’s north side and said she saw the mess bring people in her neighbourhood together.

“Our trash bin has fallen over a couple times now,” she said.

“I saw that ours had fallen over [this morning], and then my neighbour came out and picked ours up and moved it to a place where hopefully… the wind doesn’t hit as much.”
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The city has more resources listed online for questions and concerns about waste and recycling pickup.