Cineplex and CJ 4DPLEX open multi-sensory theatres across Canada

The first 4DX theatre is launched in Toronto in 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

Ever wanted to feel like you’re inside the movie you’re watching? If so, then Cineplex has you covered this holiday season.

On Dec. 11, the nationwide movie theatre franchise unveiled its fully immersive, multi-sensory 4DX and ScreenX experiences to a handful of Canadian cinemas in partnership with CJ 4DPLEX, a world-leading South Korean entertainment technology firm.

In addition to Canada’s first 4DX auditorium, which launched in Toronto in 2016, and Scotiabank Theatre Chinook’s recent opening, avid moviegoers can now catch the 4DX experience at Cineplex theatres in Edmonton, Oakville, Ont., and Stoney Creek, Ont.

Canada will also be getting additional ScreenX auditoriums in four different cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto. The first such auditorium was launched at Toronto’s Queensway and VIP theatre back in 2018.

People watching a 4DX movie at the cinema. 2019. Cineplex / 4DX

Additional 4DX/ScreenX theatres are also scheduled to open in Ottawa and Toronto within the next week.

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What is the 4DX experience?

4DX transcends the elements of a typical 3D movie by enhancing not only the visuals of a film but also appeasing its viewers with new sensory-engaging technology.

Some viewers may already be used to motion-synchronized, vibrating seats thanks to the popular D-BOX technology, but 4DX takes it a step further by incorporating things you can see, feel and smell from the comfort of your chair.

From wind, fog, rain and snow to lightning, bubbles and various scents, the audience is thrown into the setting of a film as it happens, making them feel as if they were a part of the story.

What is ScreenX?

ScreenX auditoriums introduce viewers to a brand-new 270-degree panoramic screen, in which you feel as much a part of the movie as the actors starring in it. It’s a purely visual experience as opposed to the 4DX experience.

The newly launched system expands the centre screen image all the way to the sidewalls of each auditorium, helping moviegoers to feel surrounded and completely immersed.

CJ 4DPLEX CEO JongRyul Kim is pleased with the entertainment technology company’s partnership with Cineplex.

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“It’s been instrumental in introducing our innovative 4DX and ScreenX technology to Canada,” Kim said.

“We’re thrilled to continue our expansion. Cineplex guests will love these experiences [by watching films of genres] from action to horror, comedy and animation, enhanced for a uniquely entertaining, immersive theatre-going experience.”

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The movie theatre franchise also expressed its excitement over the new cinematic experiences.

“As Cineplex continues to expand our movie-going options, we are excited to introduce these innovative experiences to more movie-lovers across the country,” said Kevin Watts, senior vice-president of Cineplex.

“4DX and ScreenX exemplify our commitment to providing guests with the latest cutting-edge cinema technologies and creating memorable experiences that cannot be replicated at home.”

A sixth 4DX cinema will open in Canada this Friday, Dec. 13 at the Scotiabank Theatre in Ottawa, while the latest ScreenX auditorium will have its opening in Toronto next Tuesday, Dec. 17 at Yorkdale’s Cineplex Cinema.

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Additional information can be found through the official Cineplex website.

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