Peloton actor downs drink in new ad for Ryan Reynolds’ gin company

Click to play video: 'Peloton ad: New holiday commercial that confused the internet' Peloton ad: New holiday commercial that confused the internet
WATCH: Peloton ad: New holiday commercial that confused the internet – Dec 4, 2019

Peloton woman” could use a drink.

Or at least, that’s the suggestion behind a new video featuring the actor who starred in an exercise bike ad that went viral for all the wrong reasons.

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This time, Monica Ruiz is pitching for Aviation Gin, a company owned by Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds.

In the clip, her character downs a gin cocktail with friends after saying cheers to “new beginnings.”

Reynolds tweeted out the video on Friday night with the caption “Exercise bike not included.”

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In the ad for Peloton, “Grace in Boston” receives the stationary bike from her husband for Christmas. She then documents her fitness journey through a series of video blogs, which are shown in a montage.

By some accounts, the ad missed the mark.

On social media, critics said that the character appeared frightened or faced pressure from her husband to get fit. Others suggested the controversy was overblown.

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Peloton — a term that refers to a pack of cyclists in a race — was founded in 2012. The bike starts at $2,950, plus a $39 monthly membership fee to watch classes led by an instructor.

The company acknowledged the mixed response to its ad in a statement to CNBC. A spokesperson said the holiday spot was meant to celebrate the “fitness and wellness journey” that many customers experience after buying the bike.

In the Aviation Gin ad, Ruiz is sitting with two friends at a bar staring straight into the camera.

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“This gin is really smooth,” says Ruiz’ character, who is holding a cocktail.

“We can get you another one if you like,” says one friend.

“You’re safe here,” the other adds, nodding, before they say “cheers” and drink up.

Click to play video: 'Vancouver actor facing backlash from Peloton ad' Vancouver actor facing backlash from Peloton ad
Vancouver actor facing backlash from Peloton ad – Dec 6, 2019

The new ad — which has received more than 7 million views as of Saturday evening — prompted reaction of its own.

Quite possibly the greatest response to a messed up commercial EVER!,” one Twitter user said.

“The (Peloton) Bike wife leaving her controlling husband and drinking her calories in gin is the 2019 comeback story we all needed,” said another.

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“Absolutely busted me up. Perfect reply from the poor (Peloton) girl. I’m a big fan get her on a sitcom fast,” said another.

Ruiz herself shared the video on her Instagram account.

“Let’s make light of this,” she wrote in the caption.

–With files from Josh K. Elliott, Global News

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