Tabby cat captures hearts with ‘thick southern accent’ meow

Click to play video 'Tabby cat captures hearts with ‘southern accent’ meow' Tabby cat captures hearts with ‘southern accent’ meow
WATCH: Tabby cat captures hearts with ‘southern accent’ meow

The cat world officially has its first feline Southern gent.

One orange tabby cat named Gambino appears to have adopted a Southern drawl in its meow.

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In a video shared to Instagram on Sunday, the cat can be seen running past another black-and-white feline. The cameraperson follows it around the corner, at which point the cat turns to the camera and meows.

The uploader points out something hilarious in the caption: “It sounds like he is saying ‘Well, hi!’ in a thick southern accent!”

Amid a sea of bad news, it’s no surprise that a friendly kitty cat has stolen the hearts of the internet.

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In a matter of days, the Instagram video has garnered more than 400,000 views. Across all social media platforms, including Twitter and TikTok, it has millions.

“I keep thinking about the cat that said ‘well hi’ in a southern accent I hope he’s doing well,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another person wrote: “I can’t stop watching the video of the cat saying ‘well, hi’ and it’s become a problem.”

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One person supposes in the Instagram comments that Gambino was a Southerner in a past life, and perhaps Gambino was.

In a post shared by the cat’s owner to the Facebook page “Gambino and Tom,” the owner reminisces about the day the two of them first met.

“Well how fitting of Facebook to put this on my Facebook for my memories today,” the post reads, along with a sweet photo of Gambino laying outside its owner’s door.

“Apparently we first met December 4th 2014 when he decided to post up at my back door and made our house his home.”

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The rest was history, but his origin story will forever be a mystery.