Cycling 24 hours straight for Movember

WATCH: Cycling 24 hours straight for Movember

For a lot of people, Movember means growing a moustache and raising some money to support those with testicular cancer.

For Rick Mamye, it’s all that and much more.

“I’ve learned that it does a lot just to start talking,” Mamye said from a stationary bike at Fitness FX in Halifax on Sunday.

Mamye’s first endeavor with the cause was in 2011 when he did what men are encouraged to do, grow some facial hair, raise some funds and increase awareness.

But when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer five years later he knew he wanted to take things up a notch.

“I tried to think of an event that would bring attention to itself because people would think it would be insane,” he explained while peddling and sweating but keeping his breath in check.

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Not long after he received the news he created the Spin-A-Thon which was first held in 2018.

He and his colleagues at CFB Halifax challenged local firefighters to see who could cycle the most kilometres in a 24-hour window, with all funds going to the cause he holds dear.

“It was all for the cause but it’s great to be able to work as a team do something that’s hard and taxing and for charity at the same time,” he explained just after completing this year’s challenge where his team took on local fraternity Phi Kappa Pi.

“It was all around just a good experience,” Mamye said.

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When the dust settled Phi Kappa Pi had cycled 958.7 kilometres while CFB Halifax completed 922.9 kilometres.

Although Mamye said his team made a big push after trailing by more than 100 kilometres, he was not too concerned with who won and who lost.

However he says they’ll get back to their winning form next year when they look to host the event once again.

“We cant these young guys walk away with the championship,” he joked. “We’ll have to come back here next year and try to take that back from them.”

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