Lloydminster teen’s social experiment shows power of a compliment

A Lloydminster teen’s social experiment is proving the power of positive words.

Inspired by a YouTube video, 16-year-old Olivia Brockhoff decided to go around her high school telling her peers, and staff, they are beautiful.

She captured their reaction to the compliment on video.

“Some people cried then walked out of frame and gave me a hug,” Brockhoff said.

“Some people were just shocked. [They] were really nervous — I was nervous too.”

The video is also part of a class project.

“I wanted to make mine have an impact,” the Grade 10 student said.

“It’s so great to give somebody a compliment that they are maybe not used to or they need to hear.”

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Since posting the video on Facebook a couple of days ago, it already has thousands of views.

Brockhoff said she was surprised at the online reaction.

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“I’m so overwhelmed,” she exclaimed. “I was just hoping for the people in [the video] to see it.”

She said ultimately her message is “words mean a lot.”

“You never know what anybody is going through.”

“If you think somebody is beautiful, tell them — if you think somebody is nice, tell them. Let them know because you never know how that could change their life.”